Wednesday, February 05, 2014

More New Toys

I've been so tired this week! It's hard to focus on studying, or anything for that matter. I'm zonked. Completely pooped. All I want to do is sleep. Or cry. Yes, there's some depression thrown into the mix. I've eaten all chocolate and sweets and chips (which I would normally never touch) in the wide radius surrounding my home. I felt so ill after that, which didn't help. This means way too many calories in, such that the last two weeks I dieted have been completely undone. If not more.

So I sent out my husband to buy me a SAD light. SAD = seasonal affective disorder. Essentially depression and poor sleep patterns due to lack of sunlight. I've used it for two consecutive mornings, and again just now (mid afternoon). I can't say for sure that it is helping, but I feel like I'm starting to get a grasp on things again. My head feels a bit more clear right now. I hope that it is working, and that I will feel the benefits even more in the coming days. If you want to try it out, here's the same one at, though I got mine for less at Costco.

Also, because I'm in the mood for organizing (and I really need to get a handle on what I have before I think about going shopping, which I want to do so badly) I have another new girlie toy. It's a magnetic makeup pallet. I took all my eye shadows out of their sets, and put them all into the one pallet. I love it because I now have everything in front of me and it takes up so little space. I'm in love with this pallet. If you want your own, check out the selection on the Etsy shop where I got it - Book of Shadows