Sunday, November 03, 2013

New goals for November

I input my new information into the tool at to see what my new calorie goal should be. To loose 5 lbs from my latest official weigh-in, I need to eat only 23 calories less per day! Granted, I didn't loose 5 lbs the first time, with all my ups and downs. Now, I don't know how long the 5 lb loss will take, but someone who weighs 133 lbs (since I weighed-in at 138 lbs) with my same body fat percentage and activity level burns approximately 1525 calories/day. So that's who I'm going to be!

My goals for November:
- Eat 1525 calories/day (or 382 calories split between four meal categories)
- Try to get in a little bit of activity, even though classes are murdering me

Friday, November 01, 2013

Welcome to November! Weight Loss Update Time!

I slept in this morning and skipped my first class. I think I needed that - I'm still tired, but feeling alright.

I have big news!
It's the first of the month, so I'm checking in with my weight loss progress (updates on my Weight Loss page). I had a tough July and August where my diet was pretty much thrown out the window with out-of-town guests and moving to our new apartment. Then school started up in September, during which I did alright. Throughout October I tracked my meals nearly every day, though wasn't really able to exercise consistently.

My calorie goal was set for someone who weighs 5 lbs less than I currently do, which is much easier for me to live with (ie. I'm happy eating that much) compared to my first goal of 20 lbs less (I was too hungry). I've updated my "What I've learned section" (on the weight loss page), with the most notable thing this month being that I need to eat more fat! I love avocados and peanut butter and chocolate so much! I would binge on fatty foods in the afternoon and evening after getting home. I would pretty much get in the door and grab the PB. Taking a look at my food journal, I realized that my breakfast was essentially fat-free, so I've been adding a chunk of avocado to my morning smoothie and again in my sandwich. I haven't felt the need to binge! Not only that, with Halloween being yesterday, I only had one mini chocolate, and didn't want any more. I'm flabbergasted, and feel like a jerk saying that I didn't want any candy on Halloween. Oh, and I'm down 0.6 lbs, 0.25 inches around my waist and 0.5 inches around the pooch since I started the blog. Especially good since I went up in between.

I've been using the Loose It! app on my phone the past few days. I like that it's much less complicated than the My Fitness Pal app in looks and options. The food information is provided by the app designers, and not the community, though you do have the option of adding your own. I've been using the free version. The following are screen shots off my phone of yesterday. Note that my actual calorie budget was 1548, so I aimed for 387 calories/meal. (I also just realized that I put in the food journal backwards! Read from right to left - so sorry!)

My chiropractor visit yesterday was alright. Apparently my L5 in my spine was off, which was causing me limitations to my range of motion. He did two adjustments on my spine, and I'll be going back in a week, then once more and I should be a-ok. My posture feels better already, though I'm still a little sore.

Well, that was long! I have so much school work to do!

Thanks for reading!