Weight Loss In Progress

January 28, 2014: Tweaked the note about the apps I use - currently MyFitnessPal and FitBit. Added how I quit chocolate.

Date Height Weight Waist Circumference Body Fat BMI
5' 4.5"
138.6 lbs 37.5 inches at belly button
38.5 inches at pooch
~34% 23.4 Normal
5' 4.5"
146.0 lbs
Fluctuated 0.5 inches up/down ~34% 24.7
5' 4.5"
138.0 lbs 37.25" at belly button
38.0" at pooch
~31.5% 23.3 Normal
5' 4.5"
? ? ? ? progress

What I've learned 

These are the tips and tricks that I would share with myself if I could travel back in time.
(Read: They are specific to me, but may spark an idea for some variation that may be helpful to someone else.)
  • Cutting too many calories makes me binge and eat more than I would have otherwise. Then I feel bad about myself and there's a downward spiral. 

  • Cutting out chocolate is impossible for me. I have quit chocolate, with the exception of the highest quality. For example, a Chocolate Raspberry cupcake at my favourite shop or a truffle are allowed, but I stay away from candy bars or  snacking on chocolate chips.

  • Eating the suggested calorie amount for someone 5 lbs lighter than I am allows me to diet without starving (provided I'm making good choices). I like the calculator at to start with, and modify the ratios based on how my body feels.

  • Having pre-washed and pre-cut veggies in the fridge makes lunch-prep and healthy snacking much easier. ie. I do it.

  • The more fresh produce I eat, the more I want it. I actually like vegetable+fruit smoothies.

  • I tend to binge on fatty foods (I'm looking at you, peanut butter and chocolate) in the afternoon/evening - incorporating more fat into my meals curbs those uncontrollable desires.

  • An exercise program/schedule helps me stay on track with regular workouts. I'm not perfect, but it helps. I like to use DVD programs, especially those by Jillian Michaels (but with more rest days than recommended - that lady's tough!).

  • Don't expect to loose a lot of fat quickly - it is a slow process gaining and loosing.

  • Journaling makes a BIG difference! I occasionally change my preferred format, but keeping track helps so much. I have switched between My Fitness Pal, a paper journal, Loose It! (the free version), and the FitBit app with my FitBit Pedometer.

  • Sometimes I need to watch the scale, sometimes I need to forget it exists and just keep working at it. It varies. Pay attention for times when the scale feels too important, and cut it out.

  • Celebrate every little accomplishment. It's a small change but it's making a big difference. Be proud!