Sunday, November 03, 2013

New goals for November

I input my new information into the tool at to see what my new calorie goal should be. To loose 5 lbs from my latest official weigh-in, I need to eat only 23 calories less per day! Granted, I didn't loose 5 lbs the first time, with all my ups and downs. Now, I don't know how long the 5 lb loss will take, but someone who weighs 133 lbs (since I weighed-in at 138 lbs) with my same body fat percentage and activity level burns approximately 1525 calories/day. So that's who I'm going to be!

My goals for November:
- Eat 1525 calories/day (or 382 calories split between four meal categories)
- Try to get in a little bit of activity, even though classes are murdering me