Thursday, October 03, 2013

I'm back, baby!

Hi! I've been busy....

My camera died, friends visited from out of province, I moved, parents visited from out of province, school started again, and midterms are just beginning.
I've decided to journal again, because I feel the pounds creeping on. I've been super tired (1-3pm naps were a necessity) and fighting a cold, so I've binged. But no more! I'm taking Tylenol cold and flu to clear my head, and have claimed this little baby for my own:

I have set myself a goal, which is the same as last time, and started recording yesterday. No wonder im feeling heavier! The energy-boostong binge wasn't huge, but just enough to start adding on pounds on the regular.

 Note that in the above image that the circled numbers are cumulative. Today's entry is looking better already, now that I'm writing it all down. It really does help to get a handle on things. I knew that my snacks weren't the best idea yesterday, but once I wrote it out I couldn't help but say out loud "Well, no wonder..."

Stay tuned as I pick things up again around here. I'll likely be posting mostly from my phone, so they'll all be short. I'd appreciate any support and love you can throw my way! Enjoy the rest of your day!