Monday, October 28, 2013

This and That

My back has been so sore all weekend. I injured it about 2 years ago, and poor posture during studying is taking its toll. I am in love with this posture perfect chair in the library I'm in right now. Yes, I should be studying for tomorrow's midterm. I'm so sick of midterms.
I over did it on peanut butter and pb cookies this weekend. I feel like I've definitely gained.
Some things to share:
- I binge on fatty foods in the afternoon, but my breakfast is essentially fat-free. I'm going to try incorporating fat into breakfast and see how I feel. (Oddly, pb makes me feel sick in the morning)
- Avocado in my morning smoothie was awesome. It kept me full for 2.5 hours until my second breakfast of oatmeal just now.
- Roni's Weigh is an inspirational weight loss blog I've started reading. This woman is awesome. A mother who joined Weight Watchers and kept up with her diet, then got into exercising and fell in love with it.
- Joy Victoria is a personal trainer who has a unique way of sharing information, in my opinion. She is very informed and shares her knowledge in a way that works for me. She is making me really think about things.
Enjoy your Monday!