Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Million Little Pieces

Image from Google Books
I recently finished reading this book, A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey. The writing style was different than I was used to, since he did not use quotations and most of it was quite blunt in style. I do recall that shortly after he appeared on Oprah that there was an uproar that not all of the events described in the memoir had actually occurred. I knew this when I picked up the book, and it didn't quite matter to me. Besides, it's a memoir from an addict - how much of that could really be expected to be perfectly remembered. Also, whatever embellishments he included (and I did not bother to learn what they are) made the book what it is.

What struck me about the book is how I could draw a parallel between how he felt with his addiction to alcohol and drugs, and how I feel with processed sugars. I know it sounds extreme and I do not mean to belittle these harsh addictions. But I do feel that my body gets addicted to sugar, and some of my behaviours can be said to be similar. For example, I MUST have chocolate regardless of the consequences. I will sneak it when no one is looking. I will miss out on events just to stay home and enjoy it. I don't feel good after, but it is what I want and I must have it. There is no amount that will satisfy me. Seeing these characteristics in an addict was powerful. It helped me to solidify that I do have an addiction to sugar. It is easier to see these behaviours in myself now, and I can work towards controlling them, and not the other way around.

Regardless, I feel this is a good read and I do recommend everyone takes the time to read this, no matter if they have an addiction of any sort or not. It's always good to get into someone else's head.