Friday, May 17, 2013


Hurray! I have a good job for the summer! I'm super excited! Hence, lots of exclamation points!

I submitted my resume to this company, got a call the next day, then had to wait a week for the interview because the HR person was going to be away. I had my interview yesterday morning, and received an offer that afternoon. I had a good feeling about this one from the start, so I'm pleased to say that I accepted it and will be starting on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in Canada), working Monday to Friday with full time hours. Fabulous!

It's a lab tech job, much like where I was working before I quit to go back to school. I'm starting near the bottom of the ladder here, whereas I was supervisor (and manager just before leaving) at the previous lab. I'm perfectly fine with that - I need a job for the summer with no strings attached so I can get back into my studies once school starts up again. Bonus, there was talk about working part time during school.

Things are looking up!

Oh, and here's a photo that hubby sent me yesterday. He's in beautiful Jasper, Alberta for a few days with some buddies. I did not retouch the photo at all. Isn't it lovely?