Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make Lunch Fun!

Sorry for posting so late in the day! I thought I had posted this earlier, my mistake!

Back in my first term in my Nutrition and Food program I had to take a class in communication. One of the assignments was to create an info sheet, and my topic was "How to prepare your child's lunch." I read up a little on the topic and on of the things I found was that in school cafeterias where apples were offered, children did not select them. But when those apples had a sticker of a cartoon character they knew, they chose to have the apple. On that note, I've since learned that, because whole apples are difficult for kids to eat when their teeth are coming in, kids are less likely to eat a whole apple but will eat it when pre-sliced for them.

Anyways, I set out to make a fun lunch that would keep a kid fueled for the day, and then sent it to work with my husband. Yes, he's a big kid (and he loved the cheese airplanes).